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Fish - We are proud to be the leaders in Aquarium keeping in Durban and KZN

Aquarium department:

Freshwater: we offer a large variety of fish and plants.

Our fish come from all over the world, we have the largest selection in KZN. Malawi Cichlids, Tanganyika Cichlids, tetras, live bearers, Discus, koi and cold water fish and of course a massive variety of unique and exciting fish. Our fish are of premium quality and quarentined to ensure only the best are introduced into your aquarium. Our members in the fish department are a team of passionate experts in fish keeping with years of experience.

We offer a service of water analysis to ensure optimum conditions for your fish.

Fish products kept in store are a comprehensive variety of each and every requirement. We offer a variety of different foods from specifics to general communal food of all leading brands, and all the requirements to set up and maintain an aquarium.

Marine (seawater)

Our Marine aquatics department is exceptional. We cater for all forms of marine system from fish only systems too reef systems.we offer a massive variety of Fish, corals and invertabrates.

Our fish are well quarentined and held in optimum conditions, our filtration and water care ensures no disease or unhealthy fish. The team of passionate experts are Seachem certified and well experienced in water chemistry and requirements for all marine life.

We Offer water Analysis and of course advice on ensuring optimum water conditions, we provide all the necessary requirements for setting up and maintaining a marine aquarium and keep only the best brands. Our Comprehensive variety of additives, foods and medications ensures one-stop and ease of keeping your prized marine aquarium!